James Turrell’s Design For Camas Hall Is Underway…

In exciting news you will hear more of soon, the internationally renowned artist James Turrell will begin working on a Camas Hall design that will include a 3,000-foot main hall and a smaller daylight basement hall later this month (December). James has worked before with the Seattle-based architect Jim Olson, and Jim has agreed to manifest James’ design with the assistance of local PT architect Richard Berg of Terrapin Architecture. We expect the budget to approach, if not exceed, three million dollars, and we will begin fundraising in earnest in January 2022. We currently hope to open our doors during the summer of 2023—and if all goes well perhaps before. Camas Hall will be non-denominational, open ten to twelve hours a day, and will welcome anyone who wants to meditate, regardless of how they meditate. Admission will be by voluntary donation. We will also welcome yoga and taiji groups as long as they include meditation as part of their practice, however a small fee may be charged in such cases. Since meditation and wisdom are inextricably linked, we will also invite teachers of different meditation and spiritual traditions to provide instruction from time to time. More information will come soon.

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