Carolyn Law is a multi-discipline visual artist of many years who has created a range of work from drawings, temporary sculptural installations, public art projects (mostly involving streets, transit, bridges and parks) and community-based collaborative projects. In the midst of this creative work, she has raised two sons who have now provided a large, wonderfully diverse extended family.

She has been sitting for 17 years in the Vipassana Theravadan tradition. Her life focus has now shifted to deepening her practice to enable living a life fully informed by her practice that has at its core an insightful sense of presence to each moment combined with a deepening understanding of an ethical framework. Besides a typically daily meditation practice, she has undertaken numerous week-long retreats over the years, and now concentrates on month-long retreats.

As for further creative efforts, she is linking them to her practice and offering others opportunities to experience flickers of unique moments so often missed in our increasingly overloaded lives.